The Trees That Grow Fragrant White Flowers Are Gone — 06.18.2020

It’s been 15 days since the fire razed our Kamuning space. We need to gather ourselves and move on. After all, not everything is lost. We received overwhelming love and support from friends and colleagues all over the world. There are many positive developments at the moment which we will publish in our Fire Notes series of updates. ⁣

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the Kamuning space to make up for a missing anecdote this week. The Kamuning district, by the way, was named as such because it used to be dotted by these small trees (murraya paniculata) endemic to Southeast Asia. Hardly any tree is left today.⁣

Norberto Roldan⁣
June 18, 2020⁣⁣

The old two-story house on 41B T. Gener was Papaya’s home from August 2008 to June 2020.⁣

Kamuning façade with original glass wall and door from Papaya’s previous space. In photo are works from Lizza May David's exhibition On Surface, 2012.⁣ Courtesy of Lizza May David.

Mounting the first group show 0%, 2008. In photo are Lena Cobangbang, Jed Escueta and Kurt Gloria.⁣ Courtesy of MM Yu

Bea Camacho’s 2009 solo exhibition Efface with video of her crocheting in situ a carpet of the actual floor dimension of Papaya’s previous space.⁣ Courtesy of MM Yu.

Twins Ronnie and Apid and Merv installing Mary Mattingly’s exhibition, 2011.⁣

Lara de los Reyes’ solo show Graveyard Full of Memories, 2009.⁣ Courtesy of Jed Escueta.

Opening of film/video art collective Tito & Tita's exhibition Casual Encounters, 2013.⁣ Courtesy of Shireen Seno.

Last talk by AGF, January 10. More than half of the archival boxes on the rack against the back wall survived the fire.⁣ Courtesy of Yuji de Torres.

Raven Chacon performing in the 3rd Kamias Triennial's ATCHARA, last live event with Catch 272, Feb 13, 2020.⁣⁣⁣⁣ Courtesy of Yuji de Torres.