Plan B — 06.25.2020

One of the most valuable artworks in Green Papaya's collection is Roberto Chabet's neon installation Plan B. Luckily, it was saved from the fire last June 3. Plan B was part of the exhibition Serial Killers in Kamuning (2009) and Taksu Singapore (2010).

Although not officially acknowledged as "curator" for a number of exhibitions, Chabet had worked closely with Papaya by designing and hanging important solo exhibitions by Jayson Oliveria, Jonathan Olazo, Kaloy Olavides, Louie Cordero, Patricia Eustaquio, and Mawen Ong. As previously mentioned, his involvement with Papaya started with the Two for the Road group exhibition way back in 2001.

I only met Chabet in person in 1998. I have pretty good memories of how he stood by Papaya all those years. I was able to save some valuable text messages of advice and encouragement from him before smartphones became a thing. I should include them in our archive someday.

Meanwhile here is one of those messages that I've learned to live by to this day. He sent this in 2009 when I attempted (for the nth time) to close down Papaya:

"See the lights peering through those cracks and fissures… Reconsider your decision. Green Papaya is important to the community.”

More on Roberto Chabet in succeeding anecdotes.

Norberto Roldan⁣
June 25, 2020⁣

#ThrowbackThursdays #greenpapayaarchives

Roberto Chabet’s Plan B, 2009, hanging behind glass wall façade. Courtesy of MM Yu.

Serial Killers exhibition, 2009, (Chabet and Yason Banal outside the space in Kamuning). Courtesy of MM Yu.

Jonathan Olazo, Utterances in the Time of Woe and Desperation, 2004. Courtesy of MM Yu.

Patricia Eustaquio, Swine, 2004. Courtesy of MM Yu.

Jayson Oliveria, Killa Photo, 2005. Courtesy of MM Yu.

Kaloy Olavides, X and M, 2007, (Chabet with cane). Courtesy of MM Yu.

Mawen Ong, The Light at the End of the Tunnel Has Been Switched Off, 2009. Courtesy of MM Yu.