SONIC SONA — 07.27.2020

6PM | 27 July 2020

Sound artists unite with a nationally-coordinated noise barrage through creative broadcast resistance!

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, proclamations issued from Malacañan have largely been riddled with countless contradictions and subject to various forms of manipulation. Facts have been deliberately distorted to downplay the gravity of the global health crisis and obscure the pressing concerns of the people. Potential critical voices are in the process of being cut off from circulation, and the available platforms that amplify these frequencies are under the constant threat of dissolution. In the midst of a staggering rate of viral transmission throughout the country, leadership has chosen to bend the constitution to favor the few over the many, to approach a medical crisis by constructing a highly militarized environment instead of producing the conditions that engender public health and safety, and to overlook the rights of the citizens in order to spread fear, confusion, and disunity. It seems the only curve that has been flattened is the one that is generated by competing registers of dissent; the wave that continues on its upward trajectory is an extension of authoritarian policies that threaten to undermine the very foundation of our collective freedoms and human rights.

SONIC SONA is not a cure for the numerous and simultaneous ailments that plague our physical and social bodies but a palliative measure borne from a collection of fevered gestures responding to these turbulent times. The chaotic signals emitted by institutions that have failed to protect the people will be reclaimed and reengineered as multivalent expressions of solidarity amongst various communities that stand against injustice and a statement of resistance against the implementation of oppressive policies enabled by the state. The clamor of the crowd will surge to drown out the tones of tyranny. The onus to listen falls on the government.

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